The towers were the tallest in Bastion
And the boulevards widest you’ve seen
Her paths were an ocean of lushness
No landscape was ever so green
There were statues proclaiming our heroes

From the battles we’d fought and we’d won
Like a goddess embracing two rivers
Our city was equalled by none

(You know, you know, you know how this will end
You can’t let go your hurt will never mend)

Bring me your orphans
Bring me your weak
Bring me your sick and your blind
Bring me your lonely
Your sad and your poor
Bring to me all you can find

And the towers were tallest in Bastion
Where the rich were the richest of all
And their walls were the strongest in bastion
And their shadows would hide all the poor

But the towers were tallest in Bastion
With beacons to light up the night
They’d block out the stars with their brightness
Steal the face of the moon from our sight

(They can’t erase your pretty face
Your message and your song
All they can do is silence you
You’ve known that all along)

I am your comforter
I am your help
I am your warmth and your light
I am your saviour
I am your friend
Only for me do you fight

(I love you Lynn, I’ll hold you in…
My arms till you’re asleep
They heard your song, they know it’s wrong
Your words made thousands weep)

And the towers were tallest in Bastion
But they vanished the same as the rest
Giant reptiles pursued to extinction
They fell with the worst and the best

(It’s over now, the final bow
The warm applause is ours
From Bastion’s heights the city lights…)

Yes the towers were tallest in Bastion
But that didn’t help us at all
For the towers were tallest in Bastion
And those towers
And those towers
Were a long way to fall.