To think you ever loved me
To think you ever cared
To think you ever listened – when
All my soul was bared
I said I thought you understood – I
Think I spoke too soon
Might as well have tried to trace
Footsteps to the moon

You knew that I had problems
You said you understood
I thought that you knew right from wrong
That I knew bad from good
And all the time we’re dancing to a
Very different tune – oh I
Should have known we’d never take
Footsteps to the moon

Bring me your orphans
Bring me your weak
Bring me your sick and your blind
Bring me your lonely
Your sad and your poor
Bring to me all you can find
I am your comforter
I am your strength
I am just outside your room
I am your Emperor
I am your God
I am the power of the Moon

And all the rhymes and all the times
And all the baby words

And all the nights and all the fights
It all seems so absurd
Was it wasted, wasted, wasted, wasted?
Could it have gone so soon – oh and
Now we’ll never, never, ever take
Footsteps to the moon

Footsteps ah –ah footsteps to the moon!
And now we’ll never take those -
Footsteps ah –ah footsteps to the moon!
Footsteps ah –ah footsteps to the moon!
I never should have listened to a word you said
The only chance of loving was inside my head
And now I know we’ll never, never, ever tread
Footsteps to the moon